Results and documents

This proposal is the result of the work carried out within the framework of the tasks related to the diagnosis of viability, relevance and possibility of the creation of a Citizen Climate Assembly in the Balearic Islands, held between the months of May and September 2021. It is a synthesis of the positions and contributions of the different stakeholders consulted (public administrations, social entities, economic agents and experts) that add up to a hundred meetings and conferences; Together with the knowledge gathered thanks to the analysis of the experiences of pre-existing Citizen Assemblies. A process that allows a proposal adapted to the complex territorial and institutional reality of the Balearic Islands, considering both the viability of holding the Assembly, and the quality of the democratic process that is intended to begin.
At this time, the proposal has been transferred to the institutions involved in the implementation process (Government, Island's Councils and main city councils), waiting to agree on the terms and schedule for its implementation.